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Panels Construction and Assembly

At SICA, we are experts and leaders in Construction and Assembly of Panels for Local SCADA, Protection and Control. With an extensive experience of 18 years and hundreds of in-house and external engineering projects we have achieved excellence in all categories with 0 failures is FAT and SAT tests.

Our Know-How materialized in a Quality and Procedure Plan for its construction and assembly guarantees all the different phases from the collection and approval of specifications to its delivery.

For external engineering, all detail, elevation and single-row engineering is checked.

In our own engineering, the design of flat-rate and single-layer designs in accordance with specifications leads to the procedure of requesting bids, checking, awarding, purchasing and receiving the different materials, working only with approved suppliers that are leaders in their sector: Main Equipment (Measurement, Protection and Control), Auxiliary Equipment and Panels and Small Material.

Our Project for assembly planning, with the assignment of jobs and time/person, ensures shorter delivery times and better prices for our customers.

The Quality Control of the execution of the wiring and mechanical elements allows us to obtain the best results in the FAT tests of the built panel, obtaining in external audits the excellence of 0 failures in FAT tests.


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