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Design, Development and Software

  • Software Engineering
  • Implementation of industrial protocols
  • Communication protocol conversion
  • Database Design
  • Integrating a Data Format Conversion
  • Solutions for implementing energy quality standards
  • Customized expert systems
  • Creation of software components and libraries
  • Web Services

Panels Assembly

Protection and Control Panels

  • Measuring Panels
  • Distribution Panels
  • Communication Panels
  • HMI Panels

Protection and Control

  • Traction and Distribution Substations
  • Stations Centers
  • Power Generators and Cogeneration System
  • Water, metal and mining plants
  • Oil and gas plants
  • Airports
  • Buildings

Engineering, FAT, SAT

  • Electrical Substation Engineering
    Selectivity study, adjustment and programming of high voltage protection relays - Inspection, testing (FAT - Factory Acceptance Test), Integration and Commissioning (SAT -Site Acceptance Test)
  • Supply and installation of control and distribution cubicles
  • Energy quality analysis and management
  • Network simulation


  • Protection and Control System (Industry, Railways, Airports and Buildings)
  • Control Centers