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Enercom Medida is a powerful tool for the  analysis and control of the electrical network . It carries out three fundamental tasks on the electrical parameters of the network:  

  • Record function:  Enercom saves the data it collects from the network in DBase format files, as it is one of the most widespread, thus facilitating the processing of these by other applications (spreadsheets, databases, etc...).
  • Monitoring function:  From a single control point, a huge network of measuring points can be monitored. This allows us to monitor the situation of the network at all times, for this we have the possibility of viewing a real-time graph of the evolution of electrical parameters (intensity, power, voltages, power factors), measured by the analyzer.
  • Analysis Function:  Energraph is a relational database manager that supports SQL functions and has a 2D and 3D graphics manager.



Enercom Serves for:

      • Centralize the control and management of electrical energy in substations, industrial and service plants.
      • Save substation status history.
      • Control of protections and equipment.
      • Operation and control of electrical installations.

Enercom is modular:

      • Measurement module: analysis and control.
      • Power quality: EN50160 / EN 50163.
      • Alternate protections.
      • Continuous protections.
      • Scada for command and control of substations.
      • The most advanced version integrates all the modules and centralized remote control of substations.

Enercom is an essential tool for:

      • Maintenance heads.
      • Energy directors.
      • Plant managers.
      • Production directors.
      • Financial directors.

Enercom eliminates tedious work:

      • With Enercom it is not necessary to collect data manually.
      • The import and processing of data is automated.

Enercom allows:

    • Control the electrical system of the plant and substation in a single point.
    • Know consumption in depth.
    • Determine the quality of supply, cuts, microcuts, waveform, flickers, harmonic levels, complying with EN 50160/50163 Standards.
    • Provide support to complain to electricity companies for non-compliance.
    • Provide the knowledge of the installation and consumption you need to save and make better use of electrical energy.
    • Facilitate preventive and corrective maintenance tasks.
    • Centralize the management and control of several electrical substations in a single point.



Software central

It is the main component, and the one in charge of processing all the data that comes to it from the measuring devices and protections of the electrical network. There are three modules:

      • Enercom Media:  Collects the data from the analyzers.
      • Enercom Protections:  Collects the data coming from the protections.
      • Enercom Energraph:  It is a relational database manager that supports SQL functions and a 2D and 3D graphics manager.

Measurement and Protection URC

It is a software capable of reading different equipment on the market, both measuring equipment and protections. As it is SICA SA's proprietary software, the equipment can be expanded and include those required by the client. Supported measurement equipment:

      • SATEC – PM171
      • SATEC – PM296
      • ALLEN BRADLEY – Power Monitor II
      • POWER LOGIC – Power Meter Clase 3020
      • POWER LOGIC – Circuit Monitor Serie 4000

Supported protective equipment:

    • ALSTOM – P141
    • GE Power Management – MIFP
    • ZIV – Protection relay
    • SIEMENS – Siprotec