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SGE (Power Management System)

Expert system whose objective is to provide remote control operators with routines for action in the event of incidents in the system, as well as to propose situations of maximum energy efficiency as support for decision-making.

The Power Management System (SGE) is an application designed to resolve incidents in complex energy systems.

Using the methodology of expert systems, it determines, by simulating energy diagrams, the manoeuvres to be carried out to re-establish the system in a topology characterised by having several power supplies, even determining the situation of the faults produced and their possible cause.

Furthermore, the Energy Management System has the capacity to determine, by means of various simulation algorithms, the situation in which the energy loss is minimal or the energy balance is as evenly distributed as possible.


  • Economic optimisation of network operation.
  • Real-time load control for load shedding or passing on consumption.
  • Management of the electrical protection system.
  • Fault isolation.
  • Definition and analysis of the interlocks necessary for grid operation.
  • Implementation of the cases necessary for operation.
  • Implementation of degraded situations.
  • Record of switchgear operation of the cells.
  • Discharging operations of installations to carry out maintenance and repair work at a given point in the distribution network.