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Industrial Cybersecurity

At SICA we actively work on Industry Cybersecurity 4.0, to guarantee the security of our clients and their infrastructures by implementing SCADA Security, ICS Security (Industrial Control System Security) measures in all our projects.

National Network of Industrial Laboratories (RNLI)

In this commitment, SICA is part of the National Network of Industrial Laboratories (RNLI), an initiative led by the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE), supported by the National Center for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure (CNPIC), and is part of the services provided to operators through the CERTSI_ (CERT for Security and Industry).

ISO/IEC 27001

We have the ISO/IEC 27001 Certificate, Information Security Management, which certifies our compliance with the requirements to establish, implement, monitor and improve an Information Security System (ISMS).

Model INCIBE railway infrastructure

In our contribution to the improvement of the analysis and supervision of cybersecurity in Spain, we have developed for INCIBE the first railway transport model to evaluate the cybersecurity of these critical infrastructures.


We have also actively participated in INCIBE's projects, ESCILA, a pilot Plan for Evaluation Services of Industrial Control and Automation Systems, and the ICS-Arsenal Project, in which INCIBE takes a further step in its mission to evaluate and raise the level of cyber-resilience of Industrial Control Systems.

Industrial Cybersecurity Seminar SEL

In October 2018, we promoted and organized the SEL Industrial Cybersecurity Seminar at the Escuela Técnica y Superior de Minas y Energía of the Universidad de León, in the presence of the president and founder of SCHWEITZER ENGINEERING LABORATORIES (SEL), Dr. Edmund Schweitzer III.

Technology Partners / Cybersecurity Industry 4.0

With our different technological partners SEL, Siemens, Beckhoff,... we work daily on the analysis of vulnerabilities that may represent a cyber security breach in critical infrastructures, mainly railway and industrial.

Critical Infrastructure Projects INCIBE - Energy and Railway Sector

We are currently involved in projects with INCIBE and the Energy Sector to analyze the security of communication protocols in the process of reading consumption and with the Railway Sector in the analysis of security in user information systems.