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Medcom is a universal communications application, used to extract and store readings from any electricity meter that has the IEC-870-5-102 communications protocol.

It allows communication with the metering equipment from any remote point, by means of different types of modem, using an analogue PSTN line or mobile telephony. Also, locally, it is possible to obtain data through the meter's serial port or optical port.

Remote communication can also be carried out simultaneously with as many meters as there are modems connected to a telephone line, which considerably speeds up the data downloading process.

Remote Logging

With Medcom you can acquire and store: quarter-hourly and hourly load curves, closing readings and events stored in the meters, for periods of time determined by the user. These data are stored in files in a format that allows them to be exported to any of the most commonly used analysis applications in companies, such as Excel, Access, or dBase.

The programme generates reports on the status of communications with the different measurement points and records any failure or incident that occurs during the communication and data collection process. These reports are used to check the status of the telephone lines, connection times and reading failures, and selective searches can be carried out on them, which can be printed out and which will allow us to carry out a more detailed control of the processes.

Automatic DownloadMedcom has an easy-to-use wizard to automate the downloading of data from the loggers, programming them to be carried out with the frequency determined by the user. This automation makes it possible to carry out downloads at times when telephone rates are cheaper, as well as considerably facilitating the work to be done.


Thanks to the automatic download, and the reports generated, it is possible to have all of MedCom's functionalities available with practically no need for the user to act.

Advantages of Medcom

  • It allows rationalising and objectifying decisions to optimise electrical energy consumption and reduce costs, without reducing the required service levels.
  • It makes it unnecessary to have different software for each brand of meter. It is a universal application for obtaining readings from electricity meters and recorders that works with all equipment on the market that is compatible with the IEC-870-5-102 protocol.
  • It scrupulously adheres to the legal and regulatory standards in force, allowing energy and economic data to be compared with the billing of the supply companies and market prices.
  • It allows communications with the meters to be carried out automatically and at the times determined by the user.
  • The connection can be made with several loggers at the same time, which means that the total data download times are shorter.
  • It allows fast downloading of data (5 at a time) with those loggers that have such a possibility.
  • The user can easily configure the system to suit his needs, with a multitude of default options, obviating the need to resort to the application developer.
  • It is a program entirely owned by SICA, which has designed it especially for the Spanish electricity market, with its own technology, without any dependence on the outside.
  • The program is periodically updated to the legal and regulatory changes that affect the measurement and billing of electricity.
  • It is a proven tool used by some of the largest consumers of electricity in our country.
  • SICA is independent from electricity producers, distributors and marketers and from instrumentation and metering equipment manufacturers, which guarantees its impartiality and objectivity.