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Energraph is the application that allows access to the data collected by the system. From any PC connected to the network, it is possible to have access to all the historical measurement data and protections of the System.

Energraph allows for much easier access to data and much more effective and coherent data integration.

Energraph abstracts the user from the underlying media or protection devices, offering all integrated installation data within a couple of mouse clicks.

It has remarkable graphical power in terms of speed and possibilities for manipulation, presentation, printing and export of graphics, allowing the visualization of data periods of even several months.

The data is presented in graphic and textual format, making it possible to sort them instantly by quickly locating the maximums and minimums of the values.

Reports have been improved with new summary types and improved export options.

The study of current protection events, their associated oscillation captures and the joint study of the sequence of events of different protections of the same and even different substations is simplified.

Energraph includes the integration of the EN-50160 supply quality standard, counting and monitoring the dips, surges, interruptions and threshold values contemplated by it.

The EN-50163 standard for catenary voltage has also been integrated.