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RTU (Remote Terminal Unit)


The Remote URC is a tool for monitoring and storing data from network analysers and protection relays. This application is based on a system consisting of a high-performance industrial computer, running under a Windows XP Embedded operating system.

This system is totally independent and unattended, and can be accessed via TCP-IP communication, switched telephone line or serial port. This allows it to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without requiring any maintenance on the part of the user.

The most important commitment from the early stages of development of the system has been independence from hardware manufacturers, adapting in each case to the required functionalities and incorporating new equipment, whether it be:

  • Measuring equipment
  • Wave quality measurement equipment
  • Multifunction electrical protections
  • Industrial PCs and electronic communications equipment




  • Ultra-compact. Maintenance-free.
  • Vibration and shock resistant metal cladding, high electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
  • High industrial compatibility at elevated temperatures, optimised for maximum ventilation.
  • Long-term stable platform with components from Intel's embedded line.
  • Galvanic isolation to save from short voltage drops. 


  • Recording function: Storage of the data collected from the network of measurement analysers and current protections (voltages, currents, harmonics, waveforms, energies, powers, oscillations, etc.) implementing the necessary protocols in each case and storing them in open format files, thus facilitating their processing by other applications.

  • Supervision Function: The URC functions as a communications server that can be interrogated from a central Enercom station for real-time supervision of all the information collected by the system or to transmit the stored historical data to a central server.

  • Parameter setting function: It is possible both locally and remotely via Enercom, to carry out the reading and adjustment of current protections as well as to display the transformation ratios, type of connection and programming of waveform captures and disturbances of the measuring equipment.

  • Analysis function: If the capabilities of the measuring equipment allow it, the RTU can monitor voltage quality according to the EN-50160 supply quality and EN-50163 catenary voltage quality standards. It is also possible to prepare the URC to capture information in the desired format and frequency according to specific measurement campaigns.



  • ModBus rtu
  • Profibus OP
  • SPABus
  • Profibus DF1, DNP3 
  • Modbus ASCII
  • Protocolo Modbus for SCADA ABB  

Industry standards:

  • ICP-IP Protocol (Embedded Modbus)
  • OPC
  • PROFINET (Industrial Ethermet)  

Electrical standards:

  • IEC 870/5 – 101/104
  • IEC 870/5 – 101/Procome