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EMS (Energy Management System)

EMS (Energy Management System) is a global solution and an efficient tool where energy data is automatically acquired, presented clearly, easily analyzed and meets cybersecurity requirements.

The EMS allows the monitoring and technical analysis of the installation and also identifies savings and efficiency possibilities through continuous improvement according to the PDCA model.

The PDCA model implements the Deming circle (PLAN-DO-CKECK-ACT).

At SICA we have extensive experience in implementing EMS for:

  • Railway Sector
  • Industrial Sector
  • Tertiary Sector

We deploy the system from solvent platforms such as COPA-DATA (Zenon / Analyzer) or WinCC OA and the integration of SICA's own solutions.

The flexibility of our alternatives allows us to integrate multi-manufacturer and multi-protocol devices adapted to the customer's needs.

The functional circle of the EMS summarises the following aspects:

  • Real Time - Analysis and Data Collection
  • Fiscal Measure
  • Backup and Data History
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Energy Purchase Management

Our EMS solutions implement the development and compliance with ISO 50001:2011 standard on systematic energy management in order to minimize energy consumption and reduce negative environmental impacts.

Real Time
Analysis and Data Collection

Automation in the collection of data from multi-manufacturer (Siemens, SEL,...), multi-server, multi-protocol analysers:

  • Modbus/TCP/RTU
  • DNP3
  • IEC-104
  • IEC-60870
  • IEC-61850
  • FTP

Up to 200,000 analogue variables/second.

Real-time graphical analysis

Power Quality

  • EN 50160
  • EN 50163

SCADA Software Integration

HMI Acquisition

Fiscal Measure

Reading of load curves (quarter-hourly and hourly) by remote metering of the tax meter.

Communication with metering equipment from any remote point, by means of different types of modem, using an analogue PSTN line, mobile telephony or TCP Ethernet.


  • IEC-870-5-102

Closing readings

Events stored in the counters

Import of load curves

Data History

Storage in Oracle or SQL Server database servers of all real-time and tax measurement data for subsequent visualisation, analysis and reporting.

Data integration at central level.

2 different backup philosophies:

  • Detailed resolution:
    • Network status monitoring.
    • Review of network behaviour deadbands
    • Background research
  • Permanent storage:
    • Data aggregation
    • High level of clustering
    • Longer time scale

Analysis and Reports

Identification of electrical problems

Power and Demand

Energy Consumption

Normalised information for cross-statistics

Analysis and Visualisation of Statistical Graphs

Generation and sending of reports

Generation and Sending of Alarms


Control of Objectives, Consumption and Costs

Sankey type graphs

ISO 50.001:2011

Power Purchase Management

 Energy consumption costs

OMIP and OMIE prices

Identification of futures buying opportunities

Editing Load Curves and Period Shifts

Simulation of Contracts

Contracted Power Optimisation

Optimisation of Price Components

Invoice Reconciliation


At SICA we are committed to cyber security. We have the most suitable devices, from a cybersecurity point of view, for the implementation of EMS systems.

Our partners SEL (Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories) and Siemens, two of the manufacturers of industrial devices most committed to cybersecurity, incorporate devices such as SEL 2740 SDN or Siemens RuggedCom switches, which allow total control over EMS communications, adding the most modern cybersecurity features.

Our staff is trained to perform audits, configuration analysis and/or forensic analysis of your network infrastructure, allowing you to know the existing deficiencies in your current installation and offering you the best coverage to, thanks to our partners, ensure a high degree of cybersecurity in your installation.

SICA is part of the National Network of Industrial Cybersecurity Laboratories of INCIBE, for the experimentation and research of solutions that increase the security levels of national industrial infrastructures.

At SICA we have a laboratory for testing and testing control, measurement and protection systems for electrical installations in the transport sector (railways) and the energy sector (generation, transport and distribution). The laboratory has equipment from different types of manufacturers (SIEMENS, SEL, ABB, SCHNEIDER, OMRON, BECKHOFF, etc...). We also have two OMICROM type current injection cases. SICA has also developed a substation model for the INCIBE facilities, presented last year at CIBERCAM, which is completed with another model in our facilities against which INCIBE tests cybersecurity attacks.

SICA Know How

SICA has extensive experience over two decades in hundreds of leading and successful national and international projects, with a strong predominance of the railway sector.

We have an engineering department in Madrid, Barcelona and León, a development department, experts in systems and in Oracle and SQL Server databases, a multi-manufacturer equipment testing laboratory (SIEMENS, SEL, ABB, SCHNEIDER, OMRON, BECKHOFF, etc...) and a cybersecurity laboratory and experts.