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Research, Development and Innovation

SICA, S. A. invests part of its turnover in the research and development of new technologies or processes that evolve the existing market.

Anticipating our competitors and betting on projects that are not yet exploited in the current market, when those needs start, there is our company to face them, because we will have the technology we have developed and experience, after having identified the errors and sought ways to improve, thus gaining a competitive advantage and offering the public innovative solutions.

The innovation activities carried out by SICA, S. A. are both technological innovations (activity of generation and development of new technologies in the market that, once consolidated, will begin to be used by other innovative processes associated with products and processes) and technological development (activity of incorporation, in the development of a new product or process, of the basic technologies available in the market.

To this end, it is essential to develop and research new knowledge and a better understanding of it; technological development, where they apply the results of the research carried out.

In addition, SICA S. A. is committed to human capital, training its employees and giving students the opportunity to offer internships, as well as in the know-how (or know-how) that is the set of knowledge that allows industrial production through the use of technology or processes that are the key to the company's success.

Projects R&D&I

Proyecto TRAIN2CAR

Proyecto TRAIN2CAR

Mediante la consecución de este proyecto se pretende desarrollar un innovador sistema de gestión inteligente de la red continua de los trenes y de los sistemas y dispositivos asociados de Metro de Madrid (subestaciones de tracción, acumuladores fijos, posibles inversores), introduciendo en la red puntos de alimentación a coches eléctricos, de manera que se maximice el aprovechamiento de la energía regenerada por los trenes en los frenados y la eficiencia global del sistema.

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ESTEFI (2015-2018)

ESTEFI (2015-2018)

Desarrollo de estación de transporte intermodal eficiente y sostenible.

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Proyecto GERVE  (2011-2013)

Proyecto GERVE (2011-2013)

El proyecto GERVE ha desarrollado la realización de un sistema de control centralizado para gestión energética de puestos de recarga de Vehículos eléctricos.  

Para ello se han desarrollado distintas herramientas que permiten supervisar instalaciones de recarga de V. E, dando respuestas a las necesidades que se plantearan en los próximos años.

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