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Rail Sector

The railway sector in Spain is one of the most important infrastructures at national level and currently enjoys a situation in full growth. At SICA, this sector has always been of interest to the company, not only because of its future projection but also because of the complexity it represents, which is a continuous challenge in the search for new systems that contribute to facilitating and improving the activity of railway companies. This is why this was the sector we first approached in 1997 and where we are still working.

At present, we have an important representation in the railway sector with installations and systems, operating in entities such as ADIF, Metro de Madrid, Metro de Barcelona, FEVE... The presence in the aforementioned companies guarantees SICA's capacity for design, programming, control and measurement in large electrical installations and critical systems.

Our systems represent an important step forward for companies in this sector in the monitoring and control methods of the electrical system and energy quality, which is very important for them since energy is the main raw material they need for the development of their activity.

SICA has multiple solutions for the following areas:

  • Control of substations.
  • Power remote controls.
  • Integration of measuring and protection equipment.
  • Control of catenary disconnectors.
  • Energy management systems.
  • Electrical quality.
  • Engineering and control of needle heaters.