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Energy Management in Buildings

Today, society is undergoing a period of great progress at world level, which is mainly characterised by the digitization of multiple sectors. During this century, many technological and electronic advances have appeared and developed for different functions and objectives.

With such impressive advances, architecture cannot be excluded and these developments have already been adopted for buildings in order to achieve greater process efficiency. And this trend is likely to become even stronger in the future.

The aim is to integrate new technologies into the architectural space, achieving greater functionality, increased information with greater reliability of communications, control and technical assistance that reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs. For this purpose, it is always based on two basic principles: to respect and protect the environment.

The intelligent system allows you to activate and deactivate alarms, control the air conditioning, activate and deactivate electrical outlets, detect the presence and absence of activity to keep the lights on or off, it can, in short, fulfil a specific task according to the needs of each individual.

Faced with this imminent advance, SICA wanted to be a protagonist in the modernization of this sector, including in its activities the creation of different and modern programs that control the aforementioned, adapting each control system to the precise and personal requirements of each client. And thus contribute in the area of Home Automation, energy efficiency and consumption monitoring.

The key tasks carried out in this area are the management of the following systems:

  • Lighting
  • Security
  • Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation
  • Anti-fires
  • Energy measurement
  • CCTV

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