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Energy and Industrial Sector

In recent decades, new technologies and equipment for measuring and protecting electrical installations have been introduced. Increasingly sophisticated network analyzers and electronic protections with powerful data capture, waveform recording, event generation,...

SICA specializes in reading and integrating the data generated by these teams and in providing tools for analysis and decision making from them, regardless of the model or manufacturer of the equipment.

Parallel to the liberalization of the electricity sector through Law 54/1997 and at European level with Directive 96/92/CE on Common Standards for the Internal Electricity Market, the panorama of electricity contracting has changed, putting the consumer in an advantageous position with reliable data on their consumption profile and volume.

Faced with this situation, from the point of view of industry, the need to incorporate new technologies has become increasingly important. They must provide operators with the necessary tools to help maintain their installation in an optimal state of operation and energy efficiency, as well as access to electricity supply contracting in the liberalised market under the best possible conditions.

The main services provided by SICA to the industrial electricity sector are

  • Integration of network analyzers and electronic protections
  • Measurement and analysis of consumption and electrical parameters
  • Energy quality control
  • Study and programming of current protections
  • Development of Electric Scadas
  • Telemetry of electric meters

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