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Who we are and what we are
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SICA ENERGY is SICA's energy consulting business unit. We reduce the purchase price of our clients' energy by between 20% and 30% compared to traditional fixed or indexed price supply contracts.

We act directly on the large generators of the cost of electricity (market price and structural costs), optimizing supply contracts and taking advantage of purchase opportunities that continuously appear in the futures markets in the medium and long term.

The success of our results lies in our management model which has the following elements:

Multi-year supply contracts of the "pass through" type that they allow:

  • take advantage of buying opportunities on the futures markets.
  • reduce the structural costs of traditional contracts.
  • eliminate consumption commitments.

Advanced price underwriting services by means of physical or financial purchase coverage by means of mandatory orders.

An advanced purchase management system with the following modules:

  • telemetry and management of load curves.
  • forecast market prices.
  • advanced power optimisation per cycle.
  • management reports and dashboards.


Our differential assets


Energy purchase opportunities in the futures markets are in the medium and long term (several years). In order to take advantage of the opportunities, it is necessary to have multi-year supply contracts with no consumption commitment, with optimised structural costs, adjusted trading margins and advanced options for price hedging.


  • Annual fixed price contract without the possibility of managing the purchase of energy over time.
  • Contract indexed to the pool with limited possibilities of fixing prices in futures for percentages of energy. They do not allow the purchase of energy to be managed in the medium and long term, as they do not have options for price coverage nor do they accept mandatory orders.
  • Energy cost components are integrated in coefficients, making it impossible to optimise them.

The price formulas are as follows:

For fixed price contracts: PEpi = Ai * CONSpi

For indexed price contracts:

     PEhi = Ai + Bi * OMIEi for hours indexed to OMIE

     PEhi = Ci + Di * OMIPi for hours indexed to futures


  • Multi-year "pass through" contract with no consumption commitment for and with advanced pricing services with incorporation of mandatory orders.

  • Advanced price-fixing services allow physical purchase and financial price hedging with fixed values, with a ceiling or a range. Off-peak periods can also be covered.

  • The contract is complemented by a price forecasting system to value futures quotes and identify opportunities.

  • The energy cost components are broken down and can be optimised. The price formulas are:

PEh = ((OMIEh + OMh + OSh + PCh + SIh + SAh + DESV + CG) *(1+Ph) * (1+ tm) + ATRe

PEh = ((OMIP * CAi + OMh + OSh + PCh + SIh + SAh + DESV + CG) *(1+Ph) * (1+ tm) + ATRe

The new model optimises the cost components: SAh, DESV, CG and CAi and takes advantage of medium- and long-term future purchasing opportunities.



Our GIE system (see figure) based on our own technology and that of third parties allows us to offer our customers a complete solution with high added value for the integral management of all elements related to energy: from the supervision, control and improvement of the performance of electrical installations to the reduction of the purchase price of energy. This allows us to create virtuous circles of continuous improvement with optimization of investments. We first execute projects that do not require investment and that generate short savings (green boxes) and then finance projects that require investment (yellow and red boxes).





  • Define and implement the new "Pass through" contract model.
  • Define and implement the Coverage Framework Agreement.
  • Define the telemetry system.
  • Collaboration based on sharing savings or based on billing for services.


  • Identify opportunities in the market and place purchase operations with adequate coverage
  • Carry out diversion programming.
  • Optimize the contracted powers.
  • Gradually implement the telemetry system.
  • Collaboration based on sharing savings or based on billing for services.


  • Agree on the procedure and format for receiving invoices with the marketing company..
  • Execute automatic reconciliation.
  • Manage claims.
  • Collaboration based on invoicing for services.


Collaboration approach with our clients

Our approach is phased with objectives and tangible benefits for each of them. This approach allows the client to decide on the continuity of the collaboration with SICA at the end of each phase to the extent that the established objectives have been achieved.

⇒ Phase 0.-Implementation of a pilot project

For customers to see the benefits of our solution we propose a pilot with the following objective and scope:

  • Objective: To realize immediate savings by improving the customer's supply contract with the new contract model. 
  • Scope: To implement the new "Pass through" type of supply contract model characterized by: market indexation, multi-year horizon and physical (clicks) and financial (SWAPS) coverage.

⇒ Phase I.-Implantation of SICA's energy contracting and purchase model.

If the objectives of the pilot are achieved, a multi-year agreement is signed for the contracting and purchase of electricity.

⇒ Phase II.-Implantation of the integrated energy management model and system.

The modules of the integral energy management system are progressively implemented in order to reduce consumption and optimise the performance of electrical installations.

⇒ Phase III.-Implantation of the integrated energy management model and system

Once the new model of supply contract and energy purchase management has been implemented, the customer may be a member of one of the energy purchase associations promoted and managed by SICA.


SICA's compensation in all phases is always linked to the attainment of savings. The reference for the calculation of the savings is always established by the customer with the best supply contract offer obtained in the market.

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