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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

As a software development and engineering services company, the scope of our quality management system is the design, development, assembly, installation, start up and maintenance of computer applications and systems for the control of electrical installations. Our company complies with the legal requirements, we focus our attention on Quality and minimization of costs mainly through qualified personnel and committed to quality. A periodic review of the System, ensures the satisfaction of customer needs and the continuity of a professional relationship. All our services are based on experience, quality control and development.
We are demanding with ourselves, and in this context we like to stress that we always guarantee our services, taking responsibility for the work carried out after defining the specific needs of each client.

Our purpose is to "Continue the Improvement" throughout our scope of action, based on the training of our employees, organization, planning, agility and responsiveness.

In the development of this Quality Policy, all the workers of SICA, S.A. must:

  • To consider quality management as something essential.
  • Take responsibility for the quality of their work.
  • Continuously monitor that their behavior responds, at all times, to the demands and expectations of customers.

To this end, the Management of SICA, S.A. undertakes to:

  • To provide the means at their disposal so that the staff can freely identify and eliminate the obstacles that prevent the improvement of the quality of their work.
  • Instruct all staff on the principles and methods to improve Quality through participation.

This Quality Policy must be disseminated, from the Management, to all employees of SICA, S. A. so that, once understood, it is applied and maintained by all.

MADRID, 19 JULY 2018

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